NONDA (Epaminondas Papadopoulos 1922-2005)
Portrait of the Artist's BrotherPortrait of the Artist's SisterSelf PortraitSelf Portrait in a Green HatSailboatsThe Pont NeufReclining Nude NudeThe orgies of Lesvos  c.1947 260x220cmLe Mysogyne (When Love Dies)
1940 The Early Years

NONDA studied drawing and painting under Spiros Vikatos before leaving Greece at the age of 25 to attend the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris at the atelier Narbonne and Le Magny. His first works were nudes and portraits of his family as well as landscapes and seascapes. Many of these works survived the destruction of his atelier in Athens during the Second World War. His early work was influenced by his interest in El Greco, Ingres, Delacroix and Frans Hals among others. NONDA painted in the classical tradition with a particular interest in portraiture. In Paris from 1947 onwards, NONDA began to develop the image of the “ Femme Parisenne” (“Parisian Woman”) which was to remain a source of inspiration throughout his life’s work.