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1950 Post-War Paris

Of this decade NONDA has said…"Paris, Pigalle, Place Blanche, Place du Tertre--- that’s where my life is!” He conveyed his love for the city of Paris with vibrant and sensual images of Montmartre and the surrounding neighborhood. These years produced Expressionist works that reflected his environment but turned to a different period of highly textured painting that is often described as “fresco-like”. He began to incorporate many different mediums in his art, including oils, powders, blood, sand and charcoal. This was the beginning of a deep and long-lasting interest in different surfaces and ways of manipulating, combining or treating paints with other mediums. NONDA moved on to introduce images of strong women in contrast to the delicate “Parisiennes”, a significant number of images depicting “woman and bull” and a series inspired by Africa.