NONDA (Epaminondas Papadopoulos 1922-2005)
Profile de FemmeUntitledWoman in Yellow c. 1970  100x145cmReclining Figure, 1970  100 x 145 cmNONDA  (1922-2005) Serie en Spleen 1970, 100 x 145 cm
1970 Color and the Abstraction of Form

These were the years in which NONDA worked in a Modernist style with bold and bright colors. He produced vibrant, energetic works on canvas and a series of wooden sculptures. The work is colorful but often dominated by a central, abstracted human form in brown or black. A striking series made with the blood of spleen bought at the meat markets of Paris was soon to emerge creating a painterly, free and gestural style. Repeatedly there is the image of a figure with arms held up high to make a semi-circle denoting a sensation of joyousness. The theme of the female form remains a constant and the paintings often look sculptural and relate to the shapes found in later sculptures.